"Learn to love me
Assemble the ways
Now, today, tomorrow and always
My only weakness is a list of crime
My only weakness is… well, never mind, never mind"
Shoplifters of the World Unite - The Smiths 
"Oggi è una di quelle giornate in cui potrei uscire e tornarmene a casa con un drago tatuato sulla schiena…"
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Lontano dalle rive -  Der Noir 

"Love is natural and real
But not for such as you and I, my love"
The Smiths - I know It’s Over
Cry for you
Seen the tears
Roll down from my eyes for you
Heard my truth
Distorted to lies for you
Watched my love
Becoming a prize for you
Depeche Mode - Rush (1993)
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PKK Female Soldier ph: Mathias Depardon

PKK Female Soldier 
ph: Mathias Depardon